VPN for China from 2,5$ per month for 3 devices

High speed. Stable connection. 
Security of personal data.
Created especially for China.
For Android, Windows, iOS, Mac.
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Unblock popular sites and applications

- social networks
- messengers
- google products
- TV shows, films and videos in high quality without pauses
- online games

How to connect?
1. You choose a tariff and pay in prefer way.
1. You choose a tariff and pay in prefer way.
2. We send a letter with a subscription and instructions to you.
2. We send a letter with a subscription and instructions to you.
3. Following the instructions, you connect the subscription on devices and use vpn.
3. Following the instructions, you connect the subscription on devices and use vpn.
Apps and instructions

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What people are saying about ZGC VPN?
Clients reviews about us
Im very happy of this VPN! I’ve been using it for the second year - this is the only thing that works in different cities of China.
Elena Makk, teacher and blogger
Hello, I found you through the ads in the yandex mail app. You are a good
VPN service provider and solve the problem that I can't contact in China.
As your website says, the connection is very fast! Because many VPNs are
banned in China, and some VPNs are very expensive, you are very good, I
really like it, and I plan to use it for a long time.
Lui Zhen
For almost 5 years of living in China,I have tried countless vpn services and applications. Both paid and free. Free VPN is very tempting for a Russian person. But in this case, choosing a free VPN is not prudent. It is better to trust your connection to reliable companies. Such as ZGC VPN.
Grigoriy, expat
I have been using your VPN service since March 2019. The Chinese wall is not terrible. The price for the service is inexpensive. Support is responsive and fast. The speed is excellent. I'm not picky about the quality of the picture (movies, videos, etc.), sometimes I watch it in 360p, sometimes in 1080p. Kinopab, YouTube, Instagram and other services work very good. Thank You.
Adel Sadykov, student
I used it in China, an amazing thing. I liked it very much! In comparison with the free services it is very good. Besides it is inexpensive for such speed and stability! 

YouTube videos were uploaded in 1080p resolution. If you are actively using services that are not available in China, this is probably an indispensable thing.
Ivan Selin, student
Used this VPN in China for a year! I can say that this is the best VPN (believe me, I tried a lot of different applications, both free and paid).
Alexander, businessman
Created especially for China
When we developed ZGC VPN, we relied on our personal experience of living in China.

As practice shows, most free VPNs are unstable or do not work at all. At this time, our customers are streaming videos with the best quality

We know all nuances from the inside and creating a service that is optimized as much as possible for local specifics.
It is not a secret that most of free VPN services steal traffic and personal data of their users, including credit card details.

ZGC VPN encrypts data transfer between clients and the server using the AEAD cipher. This not only ensures the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the data, but also demonstrates highest performance on modern devices.
Stable connection
China blocks most of VPN services. The majority of VPN developers do not care about workability their services in China, because many of them are just created for a secure Internet connection.

In the ZGC VPN, we use special technology and server locations to achieve uninterrupted connection.
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