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Your popular questions here
What promotions do you have?
1. "Invite a friend" - a month for free for each friend who pays for a VPN for the first time on your recommendation.
Bonus: 30 days*

2. VPN Advertising - Place our advertising banner** in a English or Russian speaking group. Conditions:
  • The group must be fully Russian speaking
  • There must be at least 400 people in the group
  • The group must be active
  • There should not be Chinese in the group
  • Advertising should not violate the terms of the administration or cause aggression
  • It is not recommended to write in a group with the letters "Vpn" or "vpn", it is better to use distortions, for example: "v-n", "dumpling", etc.
  • Advertising must be allowed by the administrator and agreed, for this you can send a red envelope
  • It is necessary to send screenshots 3 minutes after the publication: a screenshot of the participants and a screenshot of the publication in the chat
Bonus: 15-182 days of premium.

3. Loyal client - a sincere native recommendation of our product in chats when discussing VPN.
Bonus: 5-30 days of premium.

* the gift rate is determined as follows: if a friend has issued an economy plan - you are also an economy one, if a friend has issued a premium - you have a month of premium, if a friend has registered a personal server, then if you now have a personal server tariff, you will receive a month for free. If the current tariff is different, then you can get a month of the premium tariff or a 50% discount on the "personal server" for a month.
** Banner for ads here.
4. Review - leave a review about us on Trustpilot or Yandex, send a screenshot and you will get 7 days per one rewiew for free. (For a review to be approved, it must be left with vpn OFF ).
VPN not working
1. Check the time settings on your device. It must be accurate.
2. Make sure the subscription is paid and the list of servers is updated
3. Try to disable the VPN and renew the subscription
Loads 5 minutes and stops
If you have Android, make sure you turn off power saving. If not, go to settings, apps, find ZGC VPN, enable auto-start and disable power saving.
If it doesn't help or you have a different device, try restarting your router or device.
Subscription not updating
Make sure you are disconnected from the VPN! On Windows, IOS, and other devices, this must be done to renew your subscription.
Calls not working on iPhone
If you have problems with calls, try checking the box in the settings as in the picture
Telegram not working on Mac OS
– On the Telegram main screen, click on the shield and write down the settings as in the screenshot.
– Or copy the link, send it to your chat and click on it* It is
necessary to connect to the proxies that appear, and also disconnect when not using VPN.
* tg://socks?server=

The port can be 1081, you can check your port in the VPN app settings, and enable MUX and sniffing.

Try to install another version of Telegram, there are two of them on the official website.
How to use WeChat bypass VPN?
We wrote about it in our lifestyle blog, click to read :) 
You can ask support about server in China. 
TikTok not working, what to do?
Slow speed on the weekend, what to do?
Most likely the problem is not in the VPN, but in the congestion of the network from China abroad. The solution is in the form of an expensive personal Hong Kong server, it works on a premium network. 
Cheep idea how to fix it here.
Узнайте больше о VPN и вашем устройстве