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Follow the connection instructions
If you have any difficulties - ask in the chat
The program is suitable for: Iphone, Ipad, Macbook M1
Settings by keys (If the subscription is not renewed)
1. Free access to the Shadowrocket app (I already have one)
through our Apple ID:
2. Connection setup:
  • 8. Copy the subscription link from the email
    No subscription? - Get a trial period for free!
  • 9. In the downloaded application, press "+"
  • 10.

    1) In the Type line should be "subscribe"

    2) In the URL column, add the subscription copied in paragraph 7

    3) In Remarks, write "ZGC"

    4) –> Done.

  • 11.Turn on automatic subscription renewal (enable)
    VPN is already working, you can select a server (except for the end date) and connect.

    Next will be instructions on how to improve the use of VPN, if you need one server, you can stop at this point. If you want a better connection, we recommend continuing :)

  • 12. On the main screen, open global routing

    1) Turn on Enable Fallback

    2) Open group

  • 13. Open Easy mode
  • Attention! If you are in Russia, this mode is not suitable for you, as a server in Russia will be automatically selected.
    14. Open Easy mode, confirm enable. You can use. In case there are problems using, turn off Easy mode.

    For Russia, another method is suitable by the button
Subscription Replacement / Renewal
Turn VPN OFF to renew your subscription.
  • How to update a subscription?

    VPN must be turned off for the duration of the subscription updatel!

    1) Click the Info icon –> donea

Adding keys (if the subscription is not updating)

1) Copy the keys, run the program
2) Confirm the addition, if the window does not appear, then copied with extra characters
3) Select the working server that appears
4) Connect to the vpn by pressing the blue button.
5) Update your subscription (click on it)
we answer frequently asked questions about vpn operation