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We provide a script to install on Linux. This script detects previous installed v2ray and then upgrade or install a new one accordingly. If there is a previous version, the config file in /etc/v2ray will not be overwritten during upgrade.

The following command assumes root permission.

Run the following command to install V2Ray. If yum or apt is available, the script will install unzip and daemon / systemd. They are required to run V2Ray as a service. You need to install them manually if your Linux system doesn't support yum or apt.

curl -Ls | sudo bash

The script installs the following files.

  • /usr/bin/v2ray/v2ray: V2Ray executable
  • /usr/bin/v2ray/v2ctl: Utility
  • /etc/v2ray/config.json: Config file
  • /usr/bin/v2ray/geoip.dat: IP data file
  • /usr/bin/v2ray/geosite.dat: domain data file

This script also configures V2Ray to run as service, if systemd is available.

Configurations are at the following places.

  • /etc/systemd/system/v2ray.service: Systemd
  • /etc/init.d/v2ray: SysV

After installation, we will need to:

  1. Update /etc/v2ray/config.json file for your own scenario.
  2. Run service v2ray start command to start V2Ray.
  3. Optionally run service v2ray start|stop|status|reload|restart|force-reload to control V2Ray service.
Having problems with setting up? Just ask us in the chat. We will help you :)

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