1. Download the app
2. Follow the connection guide below
3. Check the TROUBLESHOOTING section
If you have M1 or M2, you can install

Setting by keys (If the subscription is not updated)
Keys for MacOS - instructions
Setup Instructions for MacOS
If something doesn't work, write to us.

1 step

Run the downloaded file.
Drag the program to "Applications".
2, 3 steps
Open LaunchPad and find ClashX Pro in the programs.
Launch ClashX Pro.
4, 5, 6 steps
Grant the program all necessary permissions and settings.
First, click "Open" (4), then click "Install" (5), enter your MacBook password (6), and click "Install".
7 step
Open your email inbox and find the email from us with your access key (subscription link).
Copy the Clash-link from the email (the second one).
8 step
Open ClashX Pro from the top panel
9, 10, 11 steps
9 Step: Press Config
10 Step: Press Remote Config
11 Step: Press Manage
12, 13, 14 steps
12 step: Press the "add" button
13 step: Paste the link you copied previously into the URL field
14 step: Press OK
15 step
If everything looks the same as in the screenshot - everything is in order and the subscription was added successfully.
You can close this window by pressing the cross (circle) on the left.
16, 17, 18 steps
Ensure that the Proxy Mode is set to GLOBAL(16).
Click on the GLOBAL tab and select a server to connect to(17).

To enable VPN:

  • click "Set as System Proxy"
  • click "Enhanced Mode"
To disconnect from the VPN, click on the above mentioned buttons again.
Trouble shooting
How to update a subscription?
Turn off vpn and click on the round arrow on the left in the upper corner. Next, select a server.

Keys for MacOS / Keys

This section is used if the subscription link does not open in your region temporarily or permanently, such as in Turkmenistan.
1) Copy all keys
2) Right-click on the program in the tray (at the top) and open the settings section.
3) Click Import Server From Pasteboard (as in the picture)
4) Servers will appear in the list of servers. Choose and connect.
If you have connection problems:
Open configure - and click OK. In the list of servers, you can select a non-working one and click OK.
We also recommend renewing your subscription if you use it after this setup and online connection.
Need help with setup?
  • Our specialist will connect to your computer and set up VPN.
    For free.
    Download the AnyDesk app
    and email us your ID.