Program for macOS
1. Download the application
2. Follow the connection guide below
3. Check the "TROUBLESHOOTING" section

New App for Mac OS
Setting by keys (If the subscription is not renewed)
Keys for MacOS - instructions
Instructions in screenshots
  1. After downloading v2rayu.dmg, run it and move v2rayU to the Applications folder. Open this folder.
2. Find and run the V2rayU program in the folder.
3. Most likely an error will occur. Click OK.
4. In the upper left corner, click on  and open System Preferences
5. Open "Protection and Security"
6. On the main tab, click Confirm Login
7. If the program prompts you to update, you can do it. But if it stops working after the update, reinstall the program without updating. By the way, you can upgrade at any time, so you can skip this version.
8. An icon similar to the letter U will appear in the upper tray, click on it
9. Open the "Subscribe"
10. Add your subscription that was sent to your mail.
Specify remark and click add
11. Click update servers

12. Verify that the servers have been successfully added. If an error occurs at this stage, please let us know that you have a problem with your subscription and send us a screenshot.

The window can be closed

13. Open Servers and select a server

14. We recommend using Global Mode, but you can use any mode. It is better to disable and close the program through Quit.

Other VPN programs must be completely CLOSED.

The program is running, check the connection. IF THERE IS NO CONNECTION, SEE THE TROUBLESHOOTING SECTION BELOW
After connecting, there is no connection, the browser asks to check the Internet.
If you click view logs there will be an error:
"Failed to start: main: failed to load config files: [config.json] > infra/conf: VLESS users: please add/set "encryption":"none" for every user"
This is a bug, but it can be worked around:
Open configure - in the list of servers, you can select a non-working server and click OK. You can click OK and the down arrow to click through all the servers. VIDEO HOW TO FIX
The problem may repeat itself! Just click OK on the servers you need if you encounter it or upgrade your subscription.
I have a problem / telegram is not working
Check out our FAQ . If you encounter a new issue, please contact us via chat, describe the issue and send screenshots.
I can't open sites
Click in the View logs program and send a screenshot to the support team.
Most often, it is written that some port is already in use. You can remember the port, open Preferences and understand the port (just add 1 to the number). Video how to do it here
How to renew a subscription?
V2rayU ( video )
1) Click on "Turn v2ray-core Off"
2) Subscribe – update servers
3) Choose server

4) Configure – "OK" for all servers ( how? )

we answer frequently asked questions about vpn operation

Keys for Mac OS

This section is used if the subscription link does not open in your region temporarily or permanently, such as in Turkmenistan.
V2rayU - instruction for keys
1) Copy all the keys
2) Run the program, a letter similar to V or U will appear in the upper corner. Click on it.
3) Click Import Server From Pasteboard (as in the picture)
4) Servers will appear in the server list. Choose and connect.
If you have connection problems:
Open configure - and click OK. In the list of servers, you can select a non-working one and click OK.
We also recommend that you renew your subscription if you use it after this setup and network connection.
Need help with setup?
  • Our specialist will connect to your computer and set up VPN.
    For free.
    Download the AnyDesk or TeamViewer app and chat with us with your ID.