VPN for Windows
1. Download the app
2. Follow the connection guide below
Setting by keys (If you can't update subscription)

1. Download and unzip the program. Launch the V2rayN shortcut
After starting, the program icon will appear in the tray (bottom right). Click on it.
2. Turn on the English language and restart the program
In the tray on the right in the lower corner of the RMB on the icon - Exit
3. Go to subscription settings, add subscription, update subscription.
4. Follow the instructions on the screenshot
5. Next in the tray (bottom right)
RMB on the program -> Http proxy ->
clear system proxy
The program label should turn blue.
6. Нажимаем "Update subscribtion"
7. A list of servers appears
Next, you need to select a server and press ENTER.
8. Next in the tray (bottom right)
RMB on the program -> Http proxy -> Set system proxy

The app icon should turn red. Ready.
You need to exit the application through the tray.

To turn off the VPN, open the program in the tray (lower right corner) and select "Clear system proxy", after that the VPN is disabled. Don't forget to change servers!

If VPN doesn't work see below or contact support.

If the browser does not load pages
1. Make sure a working server is selected.
2. Make sure that the program is loaded correctly, the files are not deleted by the antivirus, and the program is located ON THE DESKTOP. We recommend disabling the antivirus before installation.
3. Some Google Chrome extensions may monopolize the connection. Open the browser settings, scroll to the very bottom, in the proxy settings you need to remove the third-party antivirus.
Subscription not updating?
answering frequently asked questions about vpn
Need help with setup?
  • Our specialist will connect to your computer and set up VPN.
    For free.
    Download the AnyDesk orTeamViewer
    and write to us in the chat your ID.

Keys for Windows
This section is used if the subscription link does not open in your region temporarily or permanently, such as in Turkmenistan.
1) Copy the content of your subscription that looks like a set of letters (to select the entire text, press ctrl+A) or the content of the letter with the keys.
The folder with the program must be unzipped to the desktop
Start program
If you need to change the language, click on the question mark (Help) and select English. After that, you need to restart the program.
Or just press ctrl+V on the main screen
Add a pre-copied key or keys
Click "Servers" –> "Import bulk URL from clipbord"
If everything is correct, then select the server and press Enter to connect to it.
How to use the program
On the right in the lower corner (in the tray) There is a V icon, right-click on it. If the icon is blue, the VPN is not working, if it is red, then it is connected.
You can connect or disconnect (set/clear), select a server, import a server, renew your subscription, and close the program.