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VPN for China from 175 rub/month for 3 devices

High speed. Stable connection. Servers around the world.
Guaranteed security of personal data. Made for China.
Apps for Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.
Free trial period for 2 days. We will send a subscription to your E-mail


access in China to

  • Social networks
  • Messengers
  • Search engines
  • Online games
  • Series, movies and videos in high resolution and without stops
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Free trial period for 2 days
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Free trial period for 2 days
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You can purchase or renew the tariff in the online chat 24/7.

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We will answer your question on weekdays (Mon-Fri). The response time is no more than 24 hours.

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Made for China
When developing ZGC VPN, we relied on our personal experience of living in China. The service was created, developed and tested by people who study, live and work in China just like you. First of all we made it for ourselves and now we're ready to share it with you.

As practice shows - most free VPNs work unstable or do not work at all. At this time our clients can afford uninterrupted viewing of video in 720P quality.

We know all the nuances from the inside and have created a service that is optimized as much as possible for local specifics.
It's not a secret that most free VPN services steal traffic and personal data of their users, including bank card data.

ZGC VPN encrypts data transmission between clients and the server using AEAD encryption. This not only ensures confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data, but also demonstrates high performance on modern devices.

No one has access to your data but you, and we don't collect any personal information other than your E-mails. We don't even ask for your name because we value your privacy.
Stable connection
China blocks most VPN services. The vast majority of VPN developers don't care if their service works in China or not, as many of them are built for secure Internet connection only.

At ZGC VPN, we use special technology and locations for servers to achieve a seamless connection. You can just try it for free to see for yourself.

Our servers are located all over the world: Japan, Singapore, Russia, India, USA. On the "Premier" tariff you can choose any country in the world as you wish. The program will automatically switch to a faster server.
Low price
Prices are lower than our competitors, we want to make our product affordable just for you.
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