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1. Download the app
2. Follow the connection guide below
3. Check the TROUBLESHOOTING section
If you have M1 or M2, you can install

Setting by keys (If the subscription is not updated)
Keys for MacOS - instructions
Instructions for setting up and using
If something doesn't work, write to us or see the FAQ section below.
    1. After downloading ZGCVPN, run it.
    2. It will offer to install the program, to do this, drag ZGCVPN to the programs folder.
  • 2. Add a program from "Applications" to the Dock for quick access
  • 3. Copy the subscription received by mail
  • 4. Launch the program in the Dock or in "Applications"
    Do not run from the installer, which is in the photo on the right in the upper corner. If the program freezes at startup, wait and try restarting, it is trying to update the software.
  • 5. Paste the subscription copied in step 3 and click "Activate subscription"
  • 6. Click "Choose server" and choose a server of your choice.
  • The program is used in the tray (at the top where the time and icons of other programs)
    Description of buttons
    Round arrow - renew subscription
    Plus - replace the subscription (if the current one is overdue and a new one has arrived)
    Cross - minimize the application
    Round button - turn vpn on / off
    Wallet - view rates and pay
    Bottom window - selected server / select another server
    If you need to close the program, get into the settings, get into the minimalistic interface, right-click on it.
Trouble shooting
The program started, but the download is constantly spinning
The program needs to update Xray to connect to vpn. Make sure the Internet is in order and nothing is interfering. Wait a few minutes, if the problem is not solved, restart the program. If you see the xray updated message, then you can skip the download by clicking on the icon at the top.
I don’t see the cross, the refresh button, I don’t see anything
Have seen this! To collapse, simply click on the key again. All functionality is also available by right-clicking.
The program starts but nothing works.
The first reason is in the browser. Go to your browser settings, find the proxy and disable third-party software that interferes with other programs. Some browsers require you to select "use system proxy".
The second reason is the incomplete xray update, which was mentioned above. This can happen if there was no internet on the first launch or a non-working VPN was enabled. In this situation, you need to download Clean My Mac. Run it, go to the uninstall section and remove ZGC VPN. After that, install again. You can contact us and we will help.

Telegram not working or can't fix the problem?
Check out our FAQ. If you encounter a new problem, please contact us via chat, describe the problem and send screenshots, we will be happy to help you.
I can't open sites
Right click on the program at the top > settings > view log and send a screenshot to support.
Most often, it is written that some port is already in use. You can remember the port, open Preferences and understand the port (just add 1 to the number).
How to update a subscription?
Turn off vpn and click on the round arrow on the left in the upper corner. Next, select a server.

Keys for MacOS / Keys

This section is used if the subscription link does not open in your region temporarily or permanently, such as in Turkmenistan.
1) Copy all keys
2) Right-click on the program in the tray (at the top) and open the settings section.
3) Click Import Server From Pasteboard (as in the picture)
4) Servers will appear in the list of servers. Choose and connect.
If you have connection problems:
Open configure - and click OK. In the list of servers, you can select a non-working one and click OK.
We also recommend renewing your subscription if you use it after this setup and online connection.
Need help with setup?
  • Our specialist will connect to your computer and set up VPN.
    For free.
    Download the AnyDesk app
    and email us your ID.