VPN for Windows
1. Download the app
2. Follow the connection guide below
Setting by keys (If you can't update subscription)

Installation Instructions
Follow our 13-steps guide to install program and setup VPN.
If you still have questions, feel free to ask our support.
1, 2 step
Click the “Download” button and open the downloaded file
3 step
Extract the downloaded archive to the desktop.
4, 5 step
6 step
Open the extracted folder.
Run the file v2rayN.exe
7 step
Open your email inbox. Find the email from us with your subscription link.
Copy the link.
No email? Get it on the website or contact support.
8,9 step
First, click the “Servers” button.
In the drop-down menu, click:
“Import bulk URL from clipboard”.
10, 11 step
First, click on "Subscription group".
Then, in the drop-down menu, click on "Update subscription without proxy".
After that, the server list should refresh.
Don't forget to repeat these steps at least once a week (10,11 steps).
12 step

If you have done everything correctly before, a list of servers should appear. Select a server. Click on it twice with the left mouse button. If the server is blue, like in the picture, it is selected.

Choose a server at your discretion. We recommend choosing the one closest to you. If you are in China, the closest ones will be: Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea. The server in the form of a subscription expiration date does not work.

13, 14, 15 steps
In the tray (usually at the bottom right), find the “arrow”. Click on it to open the list of hidden icons. (13 step)
Find the program icon (V). Right-click on it. (14 step)
Enable VPN - “Set system proxy”. The program icon will become red - you are connected.
Disconnect VPN - “Clear system proxy”. The program icon will become blue - you are disconnected.
Problem-solving section
  1. Make sure the working server is selected.
  2. Ensure that the program is loaded correctly, files are not deleted by the antivirus, and the program is located on the DESKTOP. We recommend disabling the antivirus before installation.
  3. Some Google Chrome extensions may monopolize the connection. Open the browser settings, scroll to the bottom, in the proxy settings you need to disable the external VPN.
  4. If the program does not start or the subscription is not updated, install Net framework 4.8 from the official website and restart the computer.
  5. If the subscription is not added, try setting up the keys
  6. If none of the points help - contact us!
Subscription not updating?
answering frequently asked questions about vpn
Need help with setup?
  • Our specialist will connect to your computer and set up VPN.
    For free.
    Download the AnyDesk orTeamViewer
    and write to us in the chat your ID.

Keys for Windows

This section is used if the subscription link does not open in your region temporarily or permanently.

  1. Copy the contents of your subscription (open the subscription link in the browser) similar to a set of letters (to select all text press ctrl+A) or the contents of the email with the keys
  2. Paste the contents by opening the program and pressing ctrl+V
  3. Go to step 12 of the instructions

ATTENTION! If your subscription is not updating:

try first to install the latest version of Net framework and restart the computer!